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I would pick up a 9745 and install it so that the antenna extends past the body. If you don't have a spot where you can mount the remote by an edge, then get the 9746 Carbon remote and mount the remote where you have lots of space and then route the antenna lead to the edge of the chassis. I mounted my the 9746 high up on the right side of the Logo 800 chassis and routed the antenna so that it protruded the bottom right beside the rear landing gear. I mounted the 4651T on the boom just behind the canopy and used the Logo "Y" antenna mount to make a horizontal 90 out of the two antennae. With a third remote on the left side near the servo, and parallel to the ground, there should be no situation where at least two of the remotes have a clear shot to the transmitter and any time in the flight. Hope this helps.

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