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Originally Posted by Bebobang View Post
How much does Heli X cost?
No idea...


I was able to test this on the "demo" version (what you get if you download and don't pay - one helicopter - one scenery). It was incredibly easy to setup:
1) install app from "shop" on vcontrol touch.
2) Launch app and checkmark send control inputs or something like that..
3) In heli-x go checkmark vbar wireless input in the controller section (can't remember exactly but it was easy) and it just works (knows what all your sticks and switches are for like a vbar).

AccuRC guys. You should ask Mikado if you can get in on this. Its pretty sweet! I did not notice any input lag. I couldn't swear that I wouldn't notice any if I was Kyle Stacy or someone, but I personally didn't notice any. The indicators that moved when I moved the sticks when testing the controls seemed instant to me. Perhaps, if you have a vcontrol touch, you could give it a try and see what you think. You don't have to buy to try this out.
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