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Default Heli bobs up & down during forward flight

So, I have seen this issue raised on the blade 230s form and have experienced it on my blade 230s as well (of course a different flight controller). I could not tune out the tail wag with the AR636A on my blade 360cfx 3s. So, I installed the FC6250HX on the blade 360cfx 3s and wam bam no more tail wag! But unfortunately, it bobs up and down now during forward flight at speed. Low speed forward flight it is fine. Stability is off and have not set it up nor do I plan to same thing with SAFE. Mechanically it is solid pretty much anew bird. New main shaft, spindle, tail rotor shaft, blades, new HV servos, Spektrum smart esc. The filmware is up to date on both the flight controller and esc. And yes, I did recalibrate the flight controller.

In forward programing under the safe menu, I have lowered the stability gain and envelope down and I have no idea what attitude trim is but lowered that as well. I am shooting in the dark here with these adjustments seeing how there is no information out there on what does what in these sub-menus. Any help would be appreciated, I am looking forward to throwing this bird around!
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