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Default Xnova 4025-1120 and Hobbywing Platinum 120a V4


Is anyone using Hobbywing 120a v4 with Xnova 4025-1120 (Not Lightning) and please would you share the setup parameters if yours is working fine specifically - 13 Motor timing and 16 Startup power? My setup currently is:

1. Flight Mode: Heli Store Governor
2. Lipo Cells: Auto
3. Cutoff Type: Soft
4. Cutoff Voltage: 3.2v - [Note to myself - I will switch this off]
5. BEC Voltage: 6v
6. Startup time: 15secs
7. Gov Param P:
8. Gov Param I: 5
9. Auto Restart time: 25s
10. Restart Acceleration: 1.5s
11. Brake Type: Disabled
12. Brake Force: 0%
13.Timing: 3 degrees (as per Xnova website Default was 15 degrees.
14. Motor Rotation: CW
15. Active Free Wheel: Enabled
16 Startup Power: 3

Thanks for your help!!
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