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Default Bear Paws

Hi all;

For those of you who aren't blessed with 17 months of snow per year (welcome to the Great White North!!!), "Bear Paws" are devices added on to the rear (usually) of a helicopter's skids to increase the surface area. These prevent it sinking into the soft surface (like snow).

I've designed & uploaded Bear Paws to Thingiverse in the following skid tube sizes (click to go there):

Skid tube diameters:
5.0 mm (Trex 450 Pro style plastic gear)(full length)
5.5 mm (Trex 450 SE & earlier gear)(full length)
8.0 mm (Logo 600, 690)(paw only)
9.0 mm (Trex 600)(paw only)
10.0 mm (paw only)


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