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Originally Posted by jrman83 View Post
I think it will be relatively the same but some structure changes will need to be made for strength, like maybe larger boom, not just in length. The Oxy 5 was the biggest departure the company had made from the 3, 4 or even Oxy 2. I would be perfectly happy with same look and structure just a little bigger. Keeps their design cost down and makes their testing and evaluation easier with known and tested true designs. I mean, it's not far from the size of my 700s now.

The Oxy5 is definitely a larger 550 with most saying its more a 600 class. I hope the Oxy7 will continue the larger trend so it can except the larger 700 class blades. I'm also a huge fan of the Oxy5 design so a direct scaled up version wouldn't bother me one bit. The only thing I would request is a locking battery tray without the straps.
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