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Originally Posted by PaoloFCantoni View Post
Thanks, fiddle,

The logic analysis says you can only ever get two out of three positions to work. The exact set depends on how you set up the Functions entries. As Meatloaf sang "2 outta 3 ain't bad". but it would sure be nice to get all three.

Sounds like we need to enhance the Functions UI for certain TXs.

@AccuRC team - no other way?

I was right, with the analytical logic, at some time you need to sample BOTH switches!
BUT (and it's a BIG BUT!), you can also (once you know that if NO switches are active, it will assume RPM2), you can IGNORE both switches!

After a bit of "futzing around" at work, I realised that if RPM2 is set to "None" - i.e. NO switches, I could then set RPM1 and RPM3 to sample the states of the appropriate switch and get the three RPM settings from the combination of switches!

Ade was, of course, right, but if you don't understand what's going on, it can be cryptic (until you get it).

Hopefully, this will help someone else!

Thanks again all!

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