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I am assuming you mean bounce, just a typo. What kind of cyclic bounce? Is it on a certain axis? Or does the entire heli bounce or oscillate? If you give a sharp input (elevator makes it more obvious), does the tail bounce back and wobble up and down after the input? Try going further up on the gain as well, too low of gain will create a slower oscillation that I have seen people confuse for a more crisp wobble that is a result of too high of gain.

What headspeed are you running? Have you tried raising it a bit, or even lower it to see if you get any change? Save your current FBL settings so you have a point to go back to, and then start playing with it. Raise the gain up a bit, go back down again, higher/lower style, ensure you actually have 8 degrees in cyclic setup, etc. Don't change any values too much at once if you are not comfortable tuning, 5-10 points at a time. Then fly it and see the difference. It's hard to just give advice on exactly what you need to change without seeing a video of what is actually happening though, as everyone will describe and issue with their heli slightly differently.
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