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Default whats a good easy modeling program for a noob

hello i am tossing up getting a quality cheapie(contradiction of terms i know) 3d printer to play with. i dont see me needing a big one just wanting to make things like boom clamp tail servo mounts and at the moment i could do with a throtle return spring holder to hold the other end of the spring and i nice little plastic mount would do it nicely with a hole for the spring and spacing it a half inch of the frame useing a spare hole. so i already have a need for one lol

the part i'm haveing trouble with more then anything is finding a decent FREE modeling program because i have never done it. i can use gimp and krika to draw 2d and do some art work myself heres my website i built i'm preety proud of used word press for that saved heaps learning to host and doing it myself. so steap learning curves is something i'm use to.

i have found blender open source and downloaded it but seems very advanced for what i need. no war hammer figurines for me but more just basic shapes like spacers and brackets from simple shapes. i might get fancy and chamfer the edges. i'm sure as i move forward i might try something more but for now if any one could recomend a decent modeling program i could download to try to play with would be great. i found tinkercad as well but dont like its online/cloud based and would rather download and work from my local host as it has fairly decent processing power.

also if it does the sliceing and diceing would be good or should i use an aditional program to do the sliceing/prinitng
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