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Default Problem with Microbeast

Unlike my other heli's equipped with some version of BeastX, this KDS 450 delays returning swash to level after you release a stick. As you can see in the video, if I give full cyclic stick in a direction when I release it there is about a one second delay in starting to return the swash to level and when it does start to level it does so slowly. My Align 600 and my Blade 230 v2 start returning to level as soon as I release the stick and move more quickly returning to level. I have not flown the 450 yet and I am reluctant to fly it until I get this figured out as I am afraid that I will try to level it myself with the stick and overcorrect, something which is always dangerous. I did try adjusting the cyclic gain and it had absolutely no effect on how quickly the swash levelled. I also checked the cyclic response parameter and it was set to slightly increased and even when I adjusted it to the fastest setting the swash return was the same.

BeastX problem (0 min 37 sec)
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