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Default CNC Service for Hire

Hello all,

I am writing to let the community know that I will be accepting jobs starting today and moving forward.

I've worked with two other members here to provide them some product you can see below. I have started this thread as a place to share the jobs and allow the community to speak on their experience. My first two jobs have taken some time to get right and I thank Keron and Bill for their patience.

Currently, we are only running the Makita spindle on our router table, but we have plans to expand to a laser shortly. I'm still working through the details of rates and as such, jobs will be quoted on a case by case basis.

Materials range from lite ply to aluminum, although complexity of the part really determines what I can do. My machine is capable of 3D relief projects but my preference, and the majority of my experience, is with 2d profiles.

Max cutting dimensions are about 30”x 30”.

Please contact me at your convenience and please be patient as I do have a full time job.

Pics can be seen here.
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