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DSMX SRXL2 Serial Receiver with Telemetry P-SPM4651T I right in thinking I will see nothing telemetry wise with my Gen1 DX8 and the STD align ESC?
The DX8 (gen1) supports basic telemetry. The DX8 will show you the Spektrum telemetry for Fades, Frame Loss, Holds and RX Voltage.
The DX8g2 and the DX8e support the full suite of telemetry sensors as all the other g2 and newer Spektrum transmitters do.
This Rx would connect with a single cable into the six pin side port on the beastX. This Rx has increased antenna diversity and full range so is better than connecting a single sat.
Perhaps there is a non telemetry version that is cheaper?
The BeastX MicroBeast Plus supports SRXL and SRXL2. But, as far as I know, it supports SRXL / SRXL2 input only and not bi-directional.
The SPM4650T is okay as the sole receiver on a 300-size small heli like the Trex 450. Basically, when it craps out no one dies.
AR6610T 6 Channel DSMX Telemetry Receiver P-SPMAR6610T
As above but you can plug extra days into it... Probably not needed for a 470. Costs more.
The AR6610T has 6 servo ports (which may be useless to you), supports SRXL2 and allows you to plug in a 2nd SRXL2 (SPM9747) sat (for redundancy).
It gives you the same telemetry as the SPM4651T, but it includes a port for an external voltage input and the 4-pin TM1000-style XBUS (for other Spektrum Receivers).
But, it adds bulk to a 300-size heli like the Trex 450 and mounting it may be a pain.
I could connect an old style dsmx sat receiver to the beastX. Probably ok for the 470...there's a spare one on my 600nitro Heli that isn't getting flown in lock down...
The BeastX MicroBeast Plus supports DSM2 / DSMX sats and the US version of the DX8 supports either one.
I think the EU version of the DX8 only support DSMX.
I'm not sure if the MicroBeast Plus support 2 sats. If it does, I'd use 2 sats instead of 1.
P-SPM4650 (P-SPM4650) seems to be a bare bones Rx with diversity antennas and srlx2 protocol. Nowhere does it say full range though... But it would appear to have all necessary functionality... Cheap as chips... No telemetry. Maybe I can't use the telemetry anyway...
It is specifically designed for quadcopters. I wouldn't use it in a heli. It does support SRXL2 input only and "short range / fly-by" telemetry.
I could use my current AR6200 dsm2 Rx which has been faultless for years on my old 450, and still works.
This has the same single antenna and ground two wires as a single sat. And some slight fail safe disadvantage of dsm2 which I can't remember...
I'd trash the AR6200 and use 2 DSMX sats instead.

In my kit there is a lead that would plug into a spektrum sat with some components in line and a STD servo plug on it. So a spektrum sat option plugs into the end of the beast X.
The srxl2 options plug into the side of the beastX on the 6 pin connector.

This srlx2 stuff is new. I do have a beastX usb thing that I've had for years. It is same part number as the current one so it looks like I can upload whatever software is required into my beastX...
I don't think you have a "BeastX". I think you have a MicroBeast that is manufactured by BeastX.
The latest is the BeastX MicroBeast Plus.
Is that what you have? Or, do you have an old MicroBeast?

If you have the old MicroBeast, I'd recommend a MSH Electronics iKON2 Mini and the Spektrum SPM4651T + 1 DSMX sat.
Then, you set the stage for full telemetry from the ESC and the flight controller.
Plus, you get a lot of other features in the iKON2 that will never be added to the MicroBeast or the MicroBeast Plus.
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