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Yes it's a microbeast plus. It's what align supply in their super combo.

It supports only one sat receiver. It's supplied with a lead to connect one. Hence looking at the srxl2 options for increased diversity.

My 6100e never missed beat but it's little antennas don't stick out far.
The SPM4651T looks like a much better option.
I believe the two antennas on that behave as two independent antennas whereas on a std Sat there Is effectively only 1, like my 6100e.

I thought if the antennas were on these longer wires then they had better diversity, could be mounted 90 degrees to another... effectively as good as a 6200 plus Sat, or 7100 plus Sat that I have on my 500 and 600n?

470 could still kill... most likely myself. Point is it is small so doesn't fly far away, so should never drop any frames even using a single Sat or ar6100e type rx.

European, or at least British, dx8g1 does dsm2 and dsmx.
My UK spec txt can switch between high and low power level I think...
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