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Default Objection Misleading the witness

Originally Posted by wjvail View Post
I understand. No insult intended. In fact if somewhere to say my post was tasteless given Synergy's troubles, I'm not sure I could disagree. Still, the fact remains. Synergy mailed their drawing to China which, unfortunately, makes them nearly public domain.
if a person is trying to use the heli he currently.
"Bought and paid for"
But wants to change, or better yet upgrade to something that their is no current product available for. ???? he's doing no harm by changing only his heli..that's why. "necessity is the mother of invention".
When Synergy pulls out on top of this mess and Matt with all of the support from us... This means for us to not buy any of the cheap parts they plan on dumping on the market.... This means hopefully he gets a junction against them, that will have all the parts they plan on shipping to the US Just sitting at the Customs boarder warehouse...

Ready for this... This comment should start this post A Blazing

If Biden wasn't in the China's back pocket it would't take much for Matt and Synergy to do this. But now that Half a million Gas and pipeline workers are out of work Matt needs us more then ever...

Sorry Helifreak Moderators i couldn't resist.

And No animals were hurt during this rant
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