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Originally Posted by WarMace6 View Post
See if your TV has a game mode. If it does the TV will sacrifice a bit of image quality for a shorter input lag. I sim on 43" TV and it is unusable outside of game mode.
Originally Posted by fiddle View Post
same here - my 55" sony must be set to game mode or there is all kinds of input lag whether i'm playing playstation or simming.

I changed the parameters suggested per both of your advice except for the HDMI cable which mine is still a 2160P (4K X 2K). I believe that's only a 2.0 cable. The picture quality has improved with not as much pixelation when flying further out and much smoother. However, there is still enough lag from input and to what the model does to not be accurate enough. Basic flight is tolerable but is very apparent when shooting autos. The timing with flaring etc... really exploits it. Hoping when I get a better cable (2.2) that this may be resolved? My eyes are already Thanking me.
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