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Originally Posted by fiddle View Post
I couldn't swear to that. I might have been wrong and 2.2 might not be correct. 2.0 might be the deal? Now i'm second guessing myself.

Have a look at windows. Right click on the desktop and click display settings. There is an advanced link or something like that. Click that and it will show you what hz the display is running at. If it is like 30hz or something you are going to get input lag. It should 60hz. Sometimes it will come up as 59hz for some reason. That seems to really mess things up. Go to advanced display properties for the "monitor" and try to pick 60hz.

60Hz is confirmed

Turn on the FPS counter in Steam (its under steam settings) it will show a counter on the screen so that you can make sure that AccuRC is getting to the FPS you specified. In AccuRC settings, make sure vsync is off. Set frames per second to 120. Now observe the counter overlay while the game is running. See if it is getting where it is supposed (120 or so) without it dropping all the time to different numbers.

Vsync turned off. Frame rate set to 240 in AccuRc. This seems to bring the counter closest to 120 with it jumping around during flight from 110 to 125 (still noticeable lag). Frame rate set to anything less brings the numbers to high 80's to low 90's.

If all of that works, then its time start looking at the TV settings. Check if there is a "game" mode for the input you are using. Enable such. Have a look through all of the settings. Make sure no picture enhancements are enabled.

Game mode enabled and other enhancements turned off

This all stuff that was mentioned before, but with more detail so you can double check. Input lag sucks for sure. You said you had none when connected to a regular monitor right?

I never had it hooked up to another monitor but on the laptop screen I do not feel/see the lag.

Would running the laptop off its battery and not having it plugged in with its power cord make a difference?
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