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Originally Posted by fiddle View Post
That would definitely make a difference. Your laptop will be in a lower power mode there. I would set the FPS limit to 120 and then try to figure why it doesn't get to 120. The goal is to not have it jumping around.

Things to raise the FPS
* Try with laptop plugged in.
* Try dropping the detail level on the sim (sometimes its actually easier to see the heli when the background looks blurred out).
* Try turning off hardware Antialias and antialias. it doesn't make much of a difference anyway.

Kept the laptop plugged in and turned the resolution down to 1280X720. I also turned the AccuRc frame rate from 200 to 120. Results were positive as the FPS now sits at 120 dropping only a couple of points max during flight. The lag has almost all but disappeared. Its still not perfect but definitely much better as timing during autos are pretty much in sync.

Originally Posted by JimJW View Post
I hate to say it but that graphics card will need kid gloves to push 4K:

Do everything you can to minimize the graphics workload then see if you can get the frames you want.

My goal still is to get my 65" screen working with a 1920X1080 resolution and zero lag. I'm thinking JimJW is correct in that the Graphics card is not up to the task. Now I'm wondering if I should search for a better graphics card or start thinking about a new computer or laptop for gaming.

Thank you to everybody that helped me figure out the issues
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