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Originally Posted by toadiscoil View Post
Thanks! I’ve been using Heli-X lately due to a technical issue I am trying to work out with AccuRC as I also stuck to simming for many months due to weather. I know people fly in the cold and I tried it myself but I’ve stopped doing it. Simming during that time has helped me progress so I can’t complain too much [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG]
What's the issue?

I don't mind flying in mind cold too much (last time I flew it was about 2-3C... About the limit for me to fly). Main problem here is even a few days after rain, the places I can fly tend to stay waterlogged and muddy. My M2 got a little mucky last time out!

Originally Posted by toadiscoil View Post
I just saw your video that was nice. Little helis are much harder to fly especially on the sim. I tend to fly 700’s even though the biggest one I own is a 570.
Thanks! So satisfying to be able to fly upright backwards finally, that's always been a bit of a thorn in my side. Very true when people say you need to be disciplined and learn the basics first. Everything is starting to slot together now!

I think I will switch to a 700 size for a while when learning funnels and hurricanes, just to help get going.

Though probably should learn flying sideways circuits first.....

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