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Originally Posted by fiddle View Post
I'm glad we were able to get you part of the way there. In my experience, its mostly better to get a whole new machine rather than just a graphics card.

If you like laptops, here are some with the latest video card family from Nvidia (RTX 30xx series):,RTX%203060

I like laptops for portability but I will have to research exactly what is cost effective as simming is the only "gaming" it will be used for. A desk top is not out of the equation. Any suggestions to a build is welcomed. I subscribe to the buy once cry once method.

You have been most helpful as you always are on this site

If you are thinking more of a desktop, it would be cheaper to build one yourself than to buy a pre-made one (well maybe not cheaper but best bang for buck).
Originally Posted by JimJW View Post
I think that the last remaining lag is likely due to upscaling from the lower resolution sent from the laptop to the TV.

This may be a naive question but my TV did not offer resolutions options. If the laptop resolution matched the TV resolution would the lag be completely gone?

I didnít catch the native resolution of the TV but Iíll assume itís a 4K (at 65Ē) I believe that upping the resolution from 720 or 1080 to 4K can introduce lag as well.

My TV is 4K but I did not see any options for different resolutions. I'm sure its there. I will have to search a bit more.
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