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There is no input on the GY-401 that toggles between Rate Mode and Heading Hold. There is only the gain input that can be used for this.
It looks like the gyro changes modes based on which side of the center point of channel input would be. In Spektrum terms, it will behave one way if you send it a value from -100% to 0%, and the other way from +100% to 0%.
Since there is no dedicated input to switch between HH and RM, the tail gain setting is the only way to "switch" it.
The Gyro function in the transmitter is tied to the Flight Mode switch and there are 4 different tail gains that you can set (Throttle Hold, Norm, FM1 & FM2). You can have one or two tail gain settings that are in the plus-range (HH) and one or two tail gains gain settings that are in the minus-range (RM).
Then it will switch between RM & HH depending on the FM / TH switches

Or, separate out the channel that is used by the Gyro gain (gear channel I think) and dedicate that to a 3-pos switch on the transmitter.
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