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I would start the program from scratch again. I'm trying to remember what the cause was when I had something like this in the past. I it was the type of CCMP selected. I was using 120 instead of normal??

I may be off base. Start with a fresh model memory too. I had some mixing that I didn't intend and was messing things up.

I had a Blade 330s with that controller and I would have to spool up and lift off quick so it wouldn't have a chance to eat the dirt. Landing too. I had to touch down and throw TH and dump to negative collective to keep if from eating dirt. That is what pushed me over the edge and led me to sell it. I hated have it eat dirt for no fault of my own and fixing that tiny thing with the half shell frame that broke all the time and was a pain to fix... Gone now.

I'm using the MSH Brain2 now on my 700's. I had a bad experience with the BeastX controllers as well with upgrading to PRO, getting support and logging into their service not to mention getting rescue mode to work! I'm very happy with the Brain2!

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