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Originally Posted by myxiplx View Post
The second option is slightly preferred as both leads from the BEC to the FBL are roughly the same length, with the same number of connections, and the same resistance. And it's often easier to wire this way too.
this... and it is in permanent use to delivery "real" power for "real" power-demanding (bec) flying i've done than too once on a heli (was just easier for cabling) and had it in use for 2-3 yrs. "in case of" (power failure) there is no hard 3d flying anymore, just as-smooth-as-possible auto and landing - there will not be 20a bec peaks anymore. as power rail on the Rx is common i had no fear doing so and i have never seen a difference to other helis (stabilization/peaks/voltage dips) that had the buffer directly connected to fbl. not on bench testing, not in telemetry logs, not buffer charging when powering the heli.

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