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I fly with Kontronik Kosmik, Jive Pro and Kollibri ESCs. They each have two BEC outputs: one of them contains the throttle signal wire and the other is a slave power output with just plus and minus power. The lead with the throttle signal is connected directly to the throttle channel on my JETI receiver. I use the Kontronik governor rather than the governor in the ESC. The slave power lead goes to any spare port on the FBL unit. Per Kontronik's recommendation, I always have a backup 2S lipo connected to a spare port on the FBL or receiver through a heavy duty receiver switch. Your receiver and FBL unit are connected together via a single cable which forms a common power bus between the two so when it comes to power distribution, you can use any free port on either the FBL or receiver. This configuration has worked well for me over the past 10 years or so I've been flying helis. The 2S backup lipo remains charged at 8 volts which is where I set the BEC voltage. In all the years I've used this configuration, I've never had the 2S backup lipo go out of just sits there at 8 volts waiting for the BEC to fail.
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