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The reason why the Ikon Governor didn’t work with the ESC plugged into the RX directly is because the governor was bypassed. (The ESC essentially got the flat curves from the TX) Fine if you’re using the ESC governor.

If you really want to plug the 2x BEC and the backup into the FBL you can:
1) pull the throttle signal pin from the throttle plug and insert it into BEC1 wire, then plug BEC1 into the FBL throttle out.
2) pull the RPM wire from the telemetry plug and insert it into the BEC2 signal position. Then plug that into the GOV port of the FBL
3a) plug telemetry data wire into either an open ExBUS port of your Jeti REX receiver
3b) into the 5 pin on the FBL
4) plug the backup into CH2

I believe the YGE uses JST-ZH similar to sub-micro servos, Spektrum Satellites. It’s just a 5 pin version.
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