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I'll keep adding interesting tidbits here as time goes on.

A new update was released today for NX series. It's version 3.04.01, which they're calling a "Public Beta". That's normal now, as I think the last update for the DX series was called a Public Beta the day it was released. If it's out for a little while with few/manageable complaints then they'll change the name. The name probably helps people decide if they want to jump on the new version right away or wait for other people to try it out. The changes are in the usual place here:

It looks like 3.04.01 fixes several things they knew about before the NX10 started shipping in the US, so the latest issues that have come up are not addressed. It says they fixed the DSM2 problem in this release; if so, that should make a lot of people happy and solve the biggest functional issue that's hanging out there.

EDIT: Looks like updating via Wi-Fi is still a problem, as the upgrade to 3.04.01 over Wi-Fi has failed for some people. It applies the update but then the transmitter won't boot; it gets stuck on the Spektrum logo screen. The best bet is still to update using an external micro SD card and the traditional method of downloading from the Spektrum Web site.

It says a lot for the radio that some of the most annoying things have to do with the sound, something that's really not that critical. I mentioned the glitchy roller sounds in my previous post. Another one is that there's an extra beeping noise now in for the Throttle Cut feature for airplane (acro) models. So a common change has been to go into the System Setup menu, then System Settings, then NEXT to the second screen, and then select System Sounds. If you choose to "Inhibit" the "Roller Sounds", then you avoid a lot of the glitching, and actually it makes the radio a lot less noisy! Now that I have that turned off, I appreciate the fact that it's not beeping constantly as I turn the wheel. The other change on this screen is to Inhibit the "Switch Sounds" to get rid of the extra beeps when you turn on Throttle Cut. It doesn't turn off the voice callouts for switch changes; it just turns off beeps.

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