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Check these setting:
The Throttle value (hover throttle) in the FP (Forward Programming) which is default at 65.

Next check your throttle curve in ALL flight modes, in particular the mode that you always use to take off.
The number must NOT be higher that 65 (as mentioned above in FP)!!

Or you can disable the take off hover compensation (swashplate tilt) , by temporary set the Throttle value in FP much higher, say 80 in place of the default 65.

Note also that once you set the swash Sub Trim in FP, get out of FP with throttle stick on the BOTTOM always!!!
Next go to Hold mode, center throttle stick and look at the swash, if itís not level, say tilt to the left.
You have to look at the servo arms of BOTH roll. Choose to adjust the one that is MORE off to your eyes by going in to FP and swash Sub Trim.
At this point do not worry if the swash is not level.
Next get out of FP and repeat the above.

It will be easier if the swash needs elevator setting because you need to adjust only 1 servo.
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