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Originally Posted by Xrayted View Post
Im confused as that is completely normal? 0/normal is all the way forward on the DX9 flight mode switch, stunt one is the middle and stunt 2 is all the way back on switch B unless what you are calling back is actually "forward"? The sticker label shows this as well

Even so, there is a flight mode setup menu under system setup, and the digital switch menu in the normal menu will allow you to customize what the switch positions do on any switch
No, it is opposite of what is normal. Pardon my use of words like 'forward' and 'back'.

I'll explain it this way, if you lay it down with the sticks facing up - the FM position that is also 'up' will be position 2, push it down one and it's position 1, and all the way down is position 0 - same as what is written on there. That's what it should be.... but this one is 180 degrees away, it is the opposite, the position that is all the way up is normal mode.

I know you can go in and name position 0 as flight mode 2, or you could call it anything you want. But I see no way to reverse what is 'pos 0' and 'pos 2'. If there is a way to change that I sure haven't seen it :-o

And if you go into throttle or pitch curves, you'll see that 'N 1 2' indicator for what curve goes with what position.

It sure looks to me like what the TX considers position 0, 1 and 2 appear to be hard-wired.

Yes, you can change what the positions do, but I don't think you can actually change the positions without physically rotating the switch.
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