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Originally Posted by trillian View Post
No, I said it correctly :-) I guess somehow it just wasn't clear. When I say 'forward' I mean toward myself facing the front of the TX. 'Back' is toward the rear of the TX..... The way it is, is the opposite of how it should be.

When it's all the way 'back' it SHOULD be position 0, but it is not.

He was also flying planks with it, so I think maybe he used switch B for something else entirely. And I think he surely must have just physically rotated it 180 degrees.

Yeah, I have downloaded the manual.
Ha, yeah we are talking a different language then as I refer to switch position based on me and not the TX itself. I push a switch "forward". I pull it "back" toward me, but now Im finally on board with what you are saying

Yeah, the planks may be the issue then as the plank setup has a flight mode configurator tool function where you can create many different modes as sailplane guys use multiple flight modes. Check it out in the manual as I recall it describes all of this and maybe you can get it back to normal.
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