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Thanks. Yes, I have seen all those menus. None of those will actually reverse the switch position - hence it is written on the case - that is NOT changeable via any of those menus. (it is currently set exactly per your example in the digital switch menu for flight mode and switch B, and yet the switch positions are swapped).

Yes, you can change the function of any switch position. But as far as I can tell, you cannot change the actual switch position. So the previous owner of this TX must have physically changed the switch, either by rotating it or swapping some wires.

If you changed those values, as you mention, it should work, but in your throttle and pitch curves you will always have the mode indicator reversed (ie: 'N' will be idle-2, '1' will be idle-1 and '2' will be N)

Originally Posted by ticedoff8 View Post
I'm not sure if this helps answer the question
The physical positions for switch B is shown on the label in this picture (a dusty DX9) and this lines up with the software.
If the physical positions do not match what you want them to be in the radio, there is a software setting to reverse it.

In the defaults of the DX9,
Pos0 = "Norm"
Pos1 = "FM1"
Pos2 = "FM2"
It is the same in my old DX7 (OG) and my newer iX12

If you want to "reverse it", then check in the "Digital Switch Setup" menu.
Function List (press the scroll wheel once) and scroll down to "Digital Switch Setup" and select it.
Scroll down 1 box to "Switch: Select" and press once - the box will start blinking.
Scroll down to "Flight Mode" and press once.
Then scroll down and change what you like.
By default,
"NORMAL:" = -50%
"FLIGHT:" = 0% (aka: FM1)
"FLIGHT" = 50% (aka: FM2)
I think if you flipped NORMAL and FLIGHT values, that would un-reverse them (or reverse them if you like)

Or... (but do not do both).

Continue to scroll down to "Switch B" and press once.
Then scroll down and change what you like
My bet is this is the one that was reversed.
By default,
Pos 0: = 100%
Pos 1: = 0%
Pos 2: = -100%
If you flipped Pos 0: and Pos 2: values, that would un-reverse them (or reverse them if you like)
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