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trillian, if you make up a new model and set it up as you would normally do, and the switch is still not +100 in position 0 and -100 in position 2, then loosen off the nut that holds the switch in its current orientation. Rotate it 180 degrees and tighten it up. The issue should then be solved. No matter what the original owner said, everything you have said points to the switch being rotated or the wire switched from one end of the switch body to the other.

When I look at a standard Flight Mode setting in the System/Digital Switch Setup, my numbers for a standard three mode flight mode are as follows. Hold = -100, Normal = -50, Mode 1 - 0, and Mode 2 = 50. Switch B is as follows. Position 0 = 100, Position 1 = 0, and Position 2 = -100.

If you have the same results as above, then you can easily rotate the switch once the nut is loosened and spin it, tighten it, and save yourself trying to sell it and have it come back to you. Hope this helps.

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