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I don't think there is. The X-Plus requires SRXL and the 6250 is SRXL2 so no joy there. I have a four channel expander from England that I will be using in place of a second receiver in a scale project. It is from RC Light Systems and it is a simple to use expander. It can be programmed via the onboard button and watching the flashes of the LED. I have already connected it to my scale helicopter using an iKON2 in SRXL2 mode using a simple "Y" harness. The line is shared with the SRXL2 remote so there is little drain from it and it will be used to run two lighting systems. One is low current draw and the other uses a remote battery to drive the LEDs. The bus speed for the expander can be set as well as what channel each output handles. On the 6250, you would install a "Y" on the SRXL2 output (also the Smart Throttle port) and go from there. Hope this helps.

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