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Default Accurc 2.0 Setup Issues

I purchased this simulator back in December and I've yet to get it set up to where I can fly it. I have both a Spektrum ix12 and a dx6e transmitter. When I purchased the simulator, I also purchased a WS2000 dongle. Currently my dongle has stop working so I need to purchase another one. Is there something better I can purchase to make setup easier? I've tried working through the steps listed here: However when I try to calibrate and I pull the throttle below half stick it actives the next button in the calibration window. If I try to fly something in the simulator, anytime you moved the throttle below half stick the motor shuts off. How do I fix this? This seems like it will be a great simulator if I can just get it setup right, but at this point I'm just really frustrated with the whole setup process.
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