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Originally Posted by toadiscoil View Post
I would get the NX10. I think that's the only one with the ix12 gimbals. When that was released I checked one out at a hobby shop and fell in love with the feel of the gimbals. Have not been able to get one yet and was kind of let down with the slowness of the ix12. I still think it would be my best choice as I really like the DX9 ergonomics and the ix12 has basically the same case.

Anyone with the new NX radios have any feedback on ergonomics? How does it feel compared the DX9? I know it's subjective, but just looking if they didn't spoil the overall ergonomics feel or if it is actually a step in the right direction.

My DX9 just keeps on going and going though hard to let go when something just works.
Well Javier,

I too have the DX9 that I've had for about four years. If your just looking at functionality well hard to justify upgrading your DX9 that works right? But perhaps you could justify the expense by having a second transmitter that you can buddy box with your friends? Why did I get it when I really didn't need to. Well I go back to when I first purchased the DX8 gen 1 transmitter and within 18 months they came out with the DX9. Back then it was hard to justify the upgrade when the DX8 Gen 1 did everything I wanted it to. But I wanted to future proof myself and go with the future so I upgraded forgot the price but it wasn't cheap.

So my recommendation if you too want to go with the future purchase a DX10 if not wait a year or two and then upgrade perhaps. By the way I've used the heck out of my DX9 for siming and flying my models and I haven't worn out my gimbals. Truth is I probably could go for years without wearing them out, and when I did, could send the transmitter back to Horizon for replacement no?

Bottom line I purchased an NX10 because I wanted something similar to my DX9 but newer. I just didnt want to deal with the boot times of the IX12.
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