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Originally Posted by toadiscoil View Post
Anyone with the new NX radios have any feedback on ergonomics? How does it feel compared the DX9? I know it's subjective, but just looking if they didn't spoil the overall ergonomics feel or if it is actually a step in the right direction.
I'd say the NX10 is very, very similar to a DX9.

The weight is very close with NX10 being 1 ounce lighter, when both radios have their stock battery installed. The NX6 and NX8 will be lighter because they come with smaller batteries.

I haven't noticed much change in the feel of the radio so far, although I haven't flown anything yet. I've spent time with RealFlight but I haven't been out to a field.

The biggest change I've noticed is that the shape of the cutout around Switches A and H is a little different. The area where those switches are located is recessed just a little more on the NX than it is on the DX9. That's noticeable when Switch A or H is in position 1 and Switch B or G is in position 0. There is just a little less space between the two switches to get your finger in there, and that makes it a little more likely to accidentally move Switch B or G when to go to flip A or H back to position 0. That's because the ends of A and H don't stick out from the radio quite as far as they do on the DX9. On the DX9, it's easier to just catch the end of A or H and keep your finger a little farther away from B and G. Someone at Spektrum must have noticed this along the way, as the switches used for B and G are just a bit shorter on the NX. It's not a huge difference and it's not the end of the world, it's just something to get used to. It's not like the DX9 has a huge amount of space there to begin with; you can accidently change B or G on a DX9 in the same manner. I think you just have to learn to catch A or H a little farther out on the end of the switch instead of just near the end.

There are now three buttons to the left of the screen instead of two. The third is for accessing a programmable "function bar" across the bottom of the main model screen. It's a shortcut for getting to your favorite menu options without drilling into the menus. It doesn't change the feel much, as the new button is sitting at the bottom where the DX9 has the DSMX logo.

If you get even more critical, I've noticed from the way the NX10 sits in my stand-up case that the sticks are about 1/16" farther apart on the NX10 compared to the DX9. That's not enough to make much difference.
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