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From the manual;
19. Select Throttle->Hover This setting is the throttle point where your model hovers in normal mode, mainly during takeoff and landing. The flight controller applies special anti roll over algorithms at or below the throttle setting, helping to make takeoffs and landings easier.

The Stunt 1 and Stunt 2 throttle curves should be above the hover throttle setting to ensure the roll over mitigation is disabled in flight.

During the initial setup, you can set Throttle->Hover to a high value and test the model. Once the throttle setting is determined for hovering in normal mode, set the Hover Throttle value.

I am not aware of a "FwrdPrg>Safe>Attitude>Roll" parameter.

There is a FwrdPrg>Safe>Attitude>Roll Trim parameter and that is the attitude trim for the model. For example if your model is sliding/translating to the left in a hover in stability mode with no wind then increase the Attitude->Roll Trim value. If sliding/translating to the right in a hover in stability mode.....then decrease the value.

When taking off in stability mode it is necessary to make inputs to keep the disc level with the surface you are taking off from and the controls should quickly transition back to center after lift off. The opposite applies to landing.
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