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Originally Posted by Fusion View Post
I believe that if you set the hover throttle to 80 you will actually make sure it's always enabled instead of disabled. Putting it somewhere between 0-35 will actually disable it, i.e. when your ESC won't spool up the motor below 40%.

If I understand correctly you are trying to say that once you "break through" the hover compensation, the swashplate will roll. So when you increase the hover throttle you'll never break through and thus the rolling won't happen. That would mean that everyone who takes off in Safe should have this effect occurring, because everyone would need more throttle (i.e. 65%) than the set hover throttle (i.e. 55%).

Brian, can you shed a light on this? When I look at the Youtube FC6250HX series with Tom Cogswell he says specifically that the FwrdPrg>Safe>Attitude>Roll value is designed to compensate for not flipping over at take off. He also says the hover throttle is designed to set a limit to which Safe will intervene more to keep the heli more stable when taking off and hovering.
No you have it wrong and I just tested to confirm it and as Brain said from the manual which clearly states,"“During the initial setup, you can set ThrottletHover to a high value and test the model. Once the throttle setting is determined for hovering in normal mode, set the Hover Throttle value.”

To disable this, set the ThrottleHover to HIGH value.

I traced back to what I did and found out that I chnaged the main pinion gear to from 21T to 19T so that I can fly at lower head speed. And to compensate for the power required with 2 teeth difference on the gear, I bumped up my throttle curve from 0,65,65,65,65 to 0,70,70,70,70 wheereas the Hover setting in Forward programming (FP) stays the same at 65 and that's my mistake.

Now I remember that I will NOT set the numbers in my throttle curve any HIGHER than the Hover value in the FP.
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