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Post Skookum Data Viewer Pro

Hello Everyone,
I know that Skookum left the RC world years ago but I still have several 720's plus the coveted lazr unit and GPS 2, so I am not willing to throw it away yet. I also purchased the Pro version of the data reader, but when I try to activate it (on a new computer) it gives me an error message. I still have the old activation code, but after numerous attempts, it won't unlock the free version.

I know these things either have a list of valid codes within the softwarer or must go verify them at a server, which seems to be the case as Skookum is no longer in business so no activation is possible.

Does anyone know a way to activate it? I see on the website I could buy another code, but it seems like a dead-end and I already gave them $35.

Does Skookum exist in any form? I saw they went pro with a waypoint system but did that work or fizzle?

Thanks for any help
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