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Personally, I'd find the SN in the menu of the DX8g2 and then call Horizon Hobby tech support.
Ask if they will verify that the SN is registered to the username that you claim is yours and ask them if they will email you the SPMTX.SAX file for the latest code using that SN.

In my experience, if an automatic "Forgot Password" link does not send you an email with a link to reset your password, then there are only 2 things that would be the problem:
- You are using the wrong username
- The email reply is being sent to the Spam / Junk Mail folder in your email account

I don't know if the guys that run the site are up to speed on security, but on some sites, if you try to use a non-existent username to reset the password, it will not tell you it is the wrong username and no email will be sent. So I'll go happily along thinking I am using the right username and submit a 1/2 dozen password reset requests.

If you call them, they may be able to tell you the username you think is correct actually is.
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