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Tonys-Heli, I'm definitely not trying to bash Mikado and I don't recall ever doing so. Lots of heli pilots must have used VBar fbl controllers with 3rd party radios before Mikado radios appeared. I am using an older VBar Mini on a Warp 360 and like how it performs and had no problems setting it up. I also have an old Logo 600 that I think is an excellent design and flies really well. I also have several Spirit units and a BD3SX on other helis that also perform really well. However, based on my own experience crashing helis, I have come to wonder if Spirits are a bit more prone to damage. Hence my foray into the latest NEO. Notwithstanding, it's possible that the two Spirits that have gone wonky on me, i.e. have stopped functioning in one of the cyclic directions, have had to endure crashes that would have produced the same results on my other fbl controllers. Spirit fixed one for me gratis and I hope is fixing the second one as I write this. But I like trying new things and learning in the process.

Curmudgeon, thank you for your patient explanation. Do I understand correctly that banks are groupings of different flight parameters set up in fbl controllers, much like flight modes are in transmitters?
The Mikado Motor function is harder for me to understand but I will try to use your explanation to set up these functions on my radio.
Thanks again.
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