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Default FC6250HX flight pack telemetry – what sensor?


I have a Scorpion Tribunus II 14-200A ESC and an Spektrum FC6250HX FBL. At the moment these aren't able to talk to one another. I've contacted Scorpion and requested that it'll be so in the future, but one can only hope.

Is there any way I at least can get flight pack voltage telemetry working with an external sensor, while I wait?

Will any of SPMA9570, SPMA9570A, SPMA9554 or SPMA9556 do the trick? Which one? If not, what do I need?

Seems stupid to plug 50 volts to the FC6250HX and hope for the best.


(Also submitted via e-mail to Horizon support, will update here if I receive anything there first).
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