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I ran across this video that I used to set up voltage telemetry on my Fusion 360. Using the SPMA9570 I was able to connect the battery to the 4649T receiver and it'll transmit the voltage to my DX6(Gen3).

However, I believe the 4649T cannot work with more than 7.5 volts and using it on a 7.5+ volt system might not work. They even recommend not using more than 6.6 volts. So this older receiver might not be suitable for helis bigger than a 360/450.

The successor of the 4649T is the 4651T and I have that one on my Kraken 580 in combination with a SPM9745 satellite receiver. None of those accept any "volt-in" like the 4649T. So no telemetry on the Kraken for now. I am not sure if there's a 9745 variant that has a "volt-in" option.
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