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Do not plug the battery sensor into the 6250. You will get a dead short and the sensor wire will become like a hot wire for foam cutting. At this point, there is no direct way to get a battery sensor to work without it being part of an integrated ESC setup that I know of. Unfortunately, the TM1000 will not work side by side with the current line of SRXL2 remote receivers. I do not know if you could temporarily use one of the 4649T remotes in place of the 4651T SRXL2 remotes which does have a battery sensor lead in. In one of my airplanes, I have an AR636A with a stand alone 4649T that gives me the battery voltage. It is not hooked into the AR636A as there is no side remote input so I am only powering the remote. Maybe Brian might know definitively if it can work with the 6250 or if it can work along side the 4651T without interference. As to voltage on the 4649T, some early versions would not work with voltages past 7.2v and very quickly they were replaced by versions that would work with voltages up to 8.4v. The maximum input voltage on the sensor input is 24v, or 6s. You cannot use that remote to monitor a 12s battery, sorry.

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