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Default Spektrum NX Series Radios

Iíve put about 15 flights in on my Oxy 4 max, and Kraken 580 without a hiccup yet on the new NX10. Really liking the smoothness of the new gimbals. I always had to work the collective stick on my DX9 between flights to keep it smooth. Never did the Teflon mod. Maybe itís placebo, but inputs feel more precise with the NX. Battery life is great. Iíve had the transmitter on for about six hours, and the pack still shows 4.0 volts. The only bug that Iíve noticed is the speaker popping when working the scroll wheel fast. Silencing the beep solved that, and I find it much more peaceful without the beep. Iíve kept the firmware at 3.03, and probably will wait till 3.05 comes out because of what others have reported on the RCG thread. Anyways so far so good, just need the courage to fly my 700 with it lol
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