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Unlike the iKON2 that I am very familiar with, there are no direct stand alone data in-ports on the 6250. There is the four pin X-Bus connector which can hook up to the two Castle data link adaptors and other Spektrum X-Bus telemetry adaptors. There is certainly a signal line in on that connector but I don't know if you were to hook the telemetry line from the HW series of ESCs to that signal pin, plus the ground, that the 6250 could interpret the data. At some point, the ESC manufacturer has to step up and provide a data signal that the 6250 can interpret. Castle had the data signal but with the iKON2, a step-up adaptor had to be fabricated in order to be able to interpret the data and make it usable. It could be as simple as that but HW, Scorpion, and Kontronic must take some time to work out what is needed to get their signal interpreted. Best that I can come up with. Take care.

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