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Originally Posted by Keyrigger View Post
Tobbe, if you remember, Brian mentioned last year of the fact that he was working with Scorpion to implement the SRXL2 protocol in the Tribunus line of ESCs. It may be time to poke their shoulder to see what has happened with it as it will make telemetry connection very simple. Take care.

I did contact Scorpion prior to this thread, here's the reply:

"Hi Tobbe

Thanks for your email. This is Tony with Scorpion.
We did work with Spektrum since last year but something stuck on both side,
I hope our engineer team will solve all the problem very soon.
Thank you.

Warm Regards
Tony | Scorpion
Sales Manager
Scorpion Power System Limited"

Would be great if more people would e-mail them requesting support.


Edit: The pile was not meant as their support being bad, just a fun way to do the @-sign.
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