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[IMG]Y:\A_podatki\Rocica_DS24\Slike_fertik_izdelek[/IMG]No,no,no... you did not get mee right ....

This sticks from the link are too long for hand radios ( they are for DS serie radios )...
Soo it is not posible to hold the radio in the hand and fly it with the tumbs since there must bee on the top of the stick werry sharp edges too prevent finger sliping from stick.
The other fact is they can not bee used for digital trim since there is only one button present...

Since Jeti have such strong firmvare about the swich options are practicly unlimited
( you can use it for trims, since there are two butons, or use memory option too use it like a normal swich and the voice can give you the curent status of the comand )

[I em talking about this sticks on the movie, they are realy one and only wich are designed specialy for hand radios from Jeti DS series ( hand versions)...

Sticks switch buttons (0 min 28 sec)
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