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Default A request to Brian.

Hi Brian,

Would you have a look at this thread as it deals with the 4651T remote and its operation with a couple of gyros, including the 6250. The guys in trying to identify what was going on found that they could duplicate the issue found in the air while on the bench and the gist of it is that when a signal was lost, but with not enough frames lost or a hold present, the 4651T would generate a fail-safe resulting in the throttle being dropped to zero but it would immediately reconnect. The bench test that duplicated the in-air result was disconnecting the 4651T and reconnecting it. The other standard DSMX remotes were still fully operating and receiving signals. As a control, I disconnected the 9645 while the 4651T was connected and quickly reconnected it with no drop in throttle. What is different about the 4651T that it does this? Thanks.

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