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Default A request to Brian.

Sorry, but I could not wait until the weekend. I just tested both issues on the HW130, FC6250HX, 9745, 4651T combo with a 6S 5000.

When I disconnect the 4651T while the motor (Xnova 4025-1120) is running, and then I reconnect it, I get like a micro stutter in the motor rpm and the servos will go negative pitch. This will only last for like halve a second. Also, this is not always the case: in 50% of the reconnects this happens.

When I disconnect just the signal wire and then reconnect it again, nothing happens and the motor keeps running. The servos donít hick-up. I have done this countless times and there is no effect on motor or servos. That be gewd!

When I disconnect the signal wire from the 4651T and disconnect the 9745 satellite, the helicopter runs for about another second and then spools down. Once I reconnect the satellite or 4651T it spools up again.

Since the only negative effect occurs when the 4651T is powered down and powered up again, this scenario seems an issue anyways because this would mean that your BEC would not deliver any power to any of the other components as well. Your fbl would have shut down too. I think the only realistic scenario is canceling out a signal from the 4651T and if you lose that signal and get it back and nothing happens; everything is fine.

Happy I did these tests, but Iíll keep monitoring otherís results.

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