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Thank you for the helpful feedback and suggestions!

Yes, one of my motivations for this was to use it as a tool to possibly help educate/raise awareness on the very real dangers due to high energy associated with large helis/high headspeeds. When the subject comes up from newcomers, I have a real problem with many here recommending that new pilots: "go as big as you can afford". With the way the micros fly these days, (very well), there is a very strong (scientific) argument to be made that *ALL* new pilots should start on a micro - in the name of *SAFETY*.

Safety Engineering is all about energy. Energy does work and can do harm. If there is a lot of energy concentrated in one location, then that location is hazardous. A spinning rotor does not not look threatening - in fact, the blades disappear! But these things deserve a LOT of respect!

The small, lightweight K110 running low head speed represents the safe end of the RC CP heli spectrum. With only 1 J of energy per blade, crashes typically do zero harm to anything if TH is hit before impact. I hover mine indoors all the time (but don't crash much anymore).

Off to make a change or two...
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