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Originally Posted by helifun15 View Post
Here is something to try with the Tableau dashboard above:

Set the controls to:

Slave channel initial value: 0
Rate High: 100
Rate Low: -100
Offset1: 0
Offset2: 0

You should see a graph that looks like a V, centered at 0 on the x axis. As in the DSM mixing video above, setting rate low to -100 negates all master channel values below the offset (0 in this case), which means that the mix outputs the absolute value of the master channel at all times.

Now change Offset2 to 20. You can now see two V's: the original for Offset1 at 0 (orange) and the second for Offset2 at 20 (red). Note that the second is just shifted right by 20 units.

Now change Offset2 to -20 and note that the red line just shifts 40 units to the left of where it was with offset2 = 20 (or 20 units left of x=0).

I'd post images here, but I don't seem to have the ability to upload images and I have no idea where to host them.
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